Stressed Out, Acid Tongue

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We all know that there are some people in our lives who never seem to be happy unless they have something negative to say about other all the time. Once they start, there seems to be no stopping them. The worst thing you could ever do to a person is to demean them every day at every opportunity.

Such kind of constant negativity and criticism is unhealthy and the damage that the victims of constant negativity suffer can be quite lasting. It can sometimes even prevent the victims from leading normal lives as they are unable to get out of the negative environment for various reasons. The person giving the criticism or negative comments might enjoy it but the person receiving it certainly does not enjoy it. It makes him feel useless and chips away at his self esteem slowly and steadily. Sometimes it becomes so ingrained in them that they also start looking at things negatively and fail to appreciate the people in their lives. It erodes a person’s efforts and makes him feel like he is like a piece of $#@%^&. If a person is unable to move out of such situations, it might lead to serious consequences like depression, suicidal tendencies etc.

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Recent research from the Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany found that exposure to negative emotional stimuli—the same kind of exposure you get in the presence of complainers and otherwise negative people—caused subjects’ brains to have the same emotional reactions that they experienced when stressed. Your brain gets sucked into a negative emotional state when exposed to negative people, and—just like a stress response—the longer you endure this state the worse it is for your brain.

While we’re not experts at describing the manifold effects of constant negativity, we leave you with some thoughts on what negativity does to us and how to deal with the negativity that surrounds us:

Negativity can be draining. At the end of the day after having dealt with negative people around you, your body will be drained of all energy and would cause you to lose a good night’s sleep and make you feel more stressed in the morning. It can also make you vulnerable not just emotionally but make your immune system weaker and weaker which will make it easier for you to get sick more often. Many cardiac diseases can come about both through stress and negativity. This is because negativity breeds hostile attitudes that raise blood pressure and damage your bodies circulation, and your heart suffers for it.

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How do you prevent negative people from affecting us? One way of doing it is to ignore their comments as much as possible. If that is not possible, and they continue being so negative by putting you or others down constantly, ask them to stop. Also do not get into arguments with such kind of people as it will only make them more adamant to stick to their views and it will end up spouting more and more negativity. Try avoiding one on one situations with negative people. It will drain all your energy and you will not feel like doing anything else. Try and balance it by hanging inviting other more friendly people if you have to spend time with the negative person. Sometimes, you could pretend that you are listening to them but you could tune them out in your head by thinking other thoughts.

If nothing works, then it’s best for you to start avoiding them because such people are like a thorn in the flesh. They will keep irritating you and you will never have a moment’s peace.

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Stressed Out, Acid Tongue