Annoying Wifi Service

no wifi connection

So you have a nice WiFi system set up at your place and you’re paying a lot for the service too. With the kind of money you’re paying for the WiFi you could do so many other things also. But of course you need the WiFi to keep in touch with your family, friends, work at home and send off the work through e-mails, surf the internet etc so you don’t really mind paying for it. Correction, you don’t really mind paying for it when it WORKS. It stinks that half the time it doesn’t even work and you end up with a massive internet bill at the end of the month. Oh and this is supposed to be one of the best internet service providers around. Best internet service provider, my foot. Anyway, there is no point in suffering anymore through this service so the best and only solution is to disconnect and save the money..:)


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Annoying Wifi Service