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Very often, people need the specialised services that only a lawyer or chartered accountant or company secretary or doctors or architects can provide. Sometimes you get clients who want all kinds of services that the professional can give but are unwilling to pay them even a reasonable fees for the work they want. This is especially true of certain groups who receive donations from various sources and have a lot of projects and employees. They seem to think that professionals are sitting just to give them whatever advice they want and they don’t have to pay the consultation fees or even if they have to pay, they will bargain for a discounted rate.

This kind of practice is totally wrong and does not value the work of the professional.You may think that paying a professional only for his opinion is totally baseless because his opinion for your problem would mean a background of research work, reading up volumes of articles or books written on the matter and which would involve many hours of his time; time which could easily have been spent working for a ready to pay client rather than a reluctant to pay client.

Sometimes, the professional will be willing to give the consultations free of cost and that is entirely his discretion and generous of him. But word of advice, on your first visit to any professional, please do not ask for a discounted rate..it will just annoy the person. If you cannot afford what the person you want is charging, find another one that you can afford. Its as simple as that.


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Learn to appreciate professionals