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Read this interesting story “The Kick”, you may relate

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There is a certain breed of people who are never satisfied with their lot in life and are always looking to blame others for their misfortune or try and make other people’s lives miserable. It is bad enough that such a breed of people exist but it’s even worse if such people are in your working environment in any capacity. They will do anything it takes to make life difficult for those around them. This includes constant vitriol against the people they think are beneath them or people who under perform at the work place even though the person allegedly under performing might be senior to them in hierarchy.

Let us give that kind of person a name for the sake of convenience. Let’s say we call him “Z” and wherever “he” or “him” appears, it can be taken as gender neutral and could refer to both a male and female.

Somehow, it is so deeply embedded in him that he is the only one in this universe who knows everything and can do everything without making mistakes.He will try and give an opinion from politics to education to religion to business. He knows it all. He will spout all kinds of nonsense about how they helped some people become what they are today or how without him the organisation cannot survive. He is immensely jealous of anyone who is slightly more educated or better at doing things than them.

He tries his best to be pally to the bosses and anyone else in a position of power because they feel that by being a suck up, he is preserving/securing their position in the office. He will go to any extent to make his self importance grow more and more.

At first, it’s funny to see him his antics but soon you will notice that this person is not all sane. He will make another person’s life at work so miserable that it’s no longer funny but a source of constant irritation and annoyance. Z is a person who is not happy unless someone else is unhappy.The kind of venom that Z has in his mind is unfathomable. It might even end up in someone losing their job because of Z’s venomous hate message against the other person. If uncontrolled, Z is like an unstoppable force that meets an immovable object.

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However, there is a silver lining to being his target. The silver lining is that you might get so fed up of Z that it could well be the motivation or the kick in your butt to move you out of your comfort zone and go out into the outside world and seek better fortunes. And believe it or not, you will not only be mentally stronger after that kick from Z but you will move on to a much higher position in another place with much better amenities and facilities. So, if you’re frustrated at work and if you have a Z in your office, then count your blessings because your lot in life is going to be improved by leaps and bounds.

May you however never encounter a person like “Z” because the world is bad enough without adding Z to our list of problems in life.

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Read this interesting story “The Kick”, you may relate