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car repair

Going for a car service is like going to an unknown territory where you don’t know what is going to happen next. It’s like walking through a jungle where the more frequently you visit, the more new animals you meet. You think that your car is in a perfect running condition but just for the sake of it, you decide to take it for servicing. However, the moment you enter a company run car service station there is always a surprise waiting for you. The surprise element is that the people servicing your car will tell you that your car needs certain corrections which is definitely aimed at charging you more and more. But astonishingly, when you visit a local car repair shop their aim is how to make you bill lower because they don’t want to lose customers but a company run car service? Well, that is a different matter altogether aimed only at making you shell out more money as mentioned above even though you go them all the time. Even a doctors wouldn’t charge the amount that these company run car service stations are charging. In fact if you are a regular with the same doctor, you always pay a little less than your first visit. Sometimes, it seems human living cost is less than the cost of repairing your car. Don’t you agree? Whatever your view, please share your experiences. Lets try and do something so that our car service experience is a lot less painful on our pockets.


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Car Service