Divorce is not an option


Marriages are supposed to last a life time. Of course every married couple have their ups and downs but they would sort out their differences and continue living together or atleast that is the general thought. Ten-twenty years back, nobody would have predicted that there would be such a high rate of divorce in the society. Often it is spousal abuse and infidelity which are the root causes but what is emerging these days is also incompatibility between the spouses or irreconcilable differences as the courts call it. Incompatibility might seem a trivial ground for divorce but many courts today are taking serious note of it. A reason for such incompatibility could be that the couple were too young to know what they were doing when they got married or were pressured to get married to each other without getting a chance to know each other because “time was running out” for both the girl and the boy. Despite so much advancements in education, we still have to “pressure” our young ones to get married. It is good to encourage friends or family members to get married but it would also be wise to remember that it is the parties to the marriage who have to live together their whole lives and if such encouragement becomes a pressure, then sometimes the choices made might not be the correct choice. Few years later, who knows, your friend or family member whom you encouraged too much might end up with divorce proceedings citing “irreconcilable difference” or in simple words incompatibility.


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No justice for the common man

Divorce is not an option