Wild Night In

If you live with other people in the same house like flatmates, then there is a lot of adjustment that needs to be made before you are really comfortable with each other. Of course it’s not always easy to live with someone with whom you have nothing in common but still having different work hours help in making sure your paths rarely cross.

Some days either one of you might want to just kick back your heels after a long day at work and the way both parties relax could be poles apart. One might just want to close his eyes and relax but the other could be one with “wild night in” tendencies.

By “wild night in” tendencies, we simply mean someone who wants to bring all his friends or colleagues home for a night of bringing on drinks, food, blaring loud music and of course like bad drunks, singing along with the music like they are in a karaoke bar or something.

Nobody minds some noise but when the other person does this partying thing on a regular basis then it gets really tiring and annoying especially if the other people in the house are not well or have work the next day. Also sometimes such wild nights can go bad really fast without a moment’s notice and you never know what might happen in the midst of all these drunken binges.

So if you are those “wild night in” kind of person, maybe you should stay alone and enjoy all your “wild nights in” to your heart’s content. If you are the opposite of the “wild night in” then make sure you’re securely locked insise your room till you know that the unruly guests have left.

If you have no choice but to continue staying as flatmates, then the “wild night in” person should be responsible for his guests maintaining some decency and making sure the other person in the house is not disturbed and that his guests leave at a decent hour.

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Wild Night In