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Epic video bomb by two toddlers during their father’s live interview on BBC

This is every work at home parent’s nightmare come true. But also why children are so adorable when they are young.

This is a video of  Prof. Robert Kelly which was interrupted in a very nontraditional manner while he was giving a live interview via webcam from his home office to the BBC. This epic video bomb was caused by his two children while he was in serious conversation regarding the recent political crisis in South Korea. Prof. Robert Kelly is expert in issue of South Korea and was discussing the ousting of the country’s president, Park Geun-hye, in a live television interview with the BBC.

First his little toddler coolly saunters into the office room looking as if she has all the right in the world to take part in the interview. Not only that, she has the audacity to stand near the webcam and give a charming smile at the person taking her father’s interview. The toddler is first spotted by the interviewer who informs her father about the toddler’s presence in the room. As he tries to get her to leave the room, next comes this baby in a baby walker wanting to join the “party”.

While the poor Professor tries to keep his laughter in check even as he tries to make his children leave the room without much success, in comes a lady in stealth mode and finally takes away the children from the room. The Professor profusely apologised for the interruption but also couldn’t control his laughter at times.

When the video was posted on social media, it got 6 million views in just 3 hours. Well Prof. Robert Kelly is now famous and viral.

Watch this video to enjoy this epic video bomb by two toddlers as their father was on live television.




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Epic video bomb by two toddlers during their father’s live interview on BBC