Extra Bright Traumatic Lighting


Using extra bright lights in office or home can be harmful to eyes and cause headaches. It is usual practice that people tend to use bright lights at office to show that office is nice bright and beautiful. it may be a good idea if it is a Gas station, or groceries pickup store, cosmetic stores,  where people are on constant move but when it come to same people sitting in one place and working for hours the lighting is very important for productivity and health of people working. Luckily, most eye injuries do not lead to permanent vision loss, although they can be very painful and can significantly affect your ability to function.

Some research have shown that sitting in extra bright light can cause :

  1. can cause eye injury.  Expert also says that continuous exposure to LED lights can cause irreparable harm to the retina of the human eye.
  2. dry eyes and irritation.
  3. headaches, fatigue, medically defined stress.
  4. Not able to focus on close-up tasks. This may be due to slight weaknesses in our convergence eye muscles.
  5. can affect our blood pressure and glucose level.

The intensity of lights in our homes and at the offices can make a difference to the way you feel and can even affect your health. Our bodies requires a reasonable quantity of light at the right intensity and at the right time of day, synchronized with our internal body clock. Please be don’t be mistaken with sunlight intensity, which is natural and is essential for our living. With slight adjustment with our lifestyle by using ambient lighting we can our living more bearable and specially for offices, it can be profitable too!

PS: Consult doctors or professionals for any further advice or intend to take any actions.

Src: wikipedia.org


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Extra Bright Traumatic Lighting