Fellow travellers

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Whenever you’re travelling, do you take time to observe your fellow travelers and their actions? There are so many types of them. You have the ones who are travelling for the first time so they are the nervous ones, then the ones with so many luggage because they are either shifting from one city to another or just because they like to carry a lot of things when they travel or the ones who are really chatty and want to keep on talking throughout the journey or the moody ones who keep to themselves. Its really interesting to observe their actions and their behavior. But the one kind I haven’t mentioned yet is the one where its a family with small babies travelling together. The babies are not the nuisance here. Its the fathers who are. If you observe carefully or even think back on your travels, you will find that whatever is going to be said about those ‘fathers” is absolutely true. They are the ones who will make sure that their seats are away from their wives and children and also won’t bother to take care of the children. Oh they are happy to play with the children for sometime but the moment they see that the baby is becoming cranky, they will happily pass on the responsibility of soothing the child to the wife. Oh or even if the child has to be taken to the washroom or fed, its the mother’s responsibility not They would rather not have anything to do with the child when the going gets tough. How sad is that.


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Fellow travellers