Girl child deserves a chance

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In every society there is a special place for girls but what is shocking is that some parents prefer boy child over the girl child. Isn’t it unfair to the person who is still not in existence and is helpless and can’t even defend herself. It is so disgusting that these kind of people even go to the extent of determining the sex of the foetus so that if its not a boy, then they can abort the foetus. Is that not the most sick thing ever?

The most important reason that is given by those kind of parents is that the boy will take care of parent even if he is married or the boy will carry the family name! Oh my god that’s way too much expectations from a boy child too. And in most cases, its the other way round; meaning, its the girl child who often comes to the rescue of the parents when they need help. If you look at society, you will find that it is mostly the daughter who will take in a sick parent or a widowed parent to live with her and her family. So where is the son in such situations?

The people who have this kind of thinking should think of people who desire to have a kid but cannot have kids. How much more it would make them value the child they have be it a girl or a boy. Society should move beyond this kind of thinking because life is too short to be narrow minded. We should move towards providing a better world for all children and not towards discriminating between sexes. Girl or boy, there should not be any indiscrimination.


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Girl child deserves a chance