Too much holiday spirit

loud music

This may be kind of a dampner for all the late night loud music partying types but it has to be said lest we forget.

Its that time of the year when everyone is in some good holiday mood. Every night there would be parties to go to or concerts to attend etc etc. And of course, if its a concert, you can’t not have loud music. That is all well and good; who doesn’t love to have a good time, right?

But music is not always soothing especially if the decible levels are way more than normal and they go on till the wee hours of the morning without any signs of stopping. Then it just becomes loud noise and a nuisance to the people around. Peole trying to sleep wouldn’t be able to sleep and as a result would wake up feeling cranky the next day and the day would just be a bad day. Then there would be parents with young children in the house especially babies who are sensitive to any sort of noise. These parents who would have spent most of their day doing chores and running after the kids would want to have some peace but unfortunately for them, there would be some loud party at their neighbours’ or some never ending concert. Also not everyone would be in a celebratory mood; there would be someone out there with an illness or some family who has lost a loved one and is trying to come to terms with their loss. What about our pets who also can’t sleep due to the noise?

Come on, people. Have a little consideration on the others surrounding you. No one is asking you to stop partying, all we want is that it should stop at a reasonable hour or lower the volumes of your music system. Surely, that’s not asking much. Isn’t that the whole reason of the holiday season? To be kind, to be considerate and to spread good cheer, not to annoy other people.


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Too much holiday spirit