Horrific: Mass graves found in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been marked with political instability, lack of infrastructure and deep rooted corruption. These problems have led to little or no development at all in this natural resources rich Central African country.

Currently, there has been increased brutality in the fight between the army and the local militia in Central Congo. This is evident in the village of of Tshienke, where the bodies of rebel fighters were dumped into a mass grave in February this year following intense clashes.

According to Reuters, this was the first time that journalists including Reuters have been able to visit the site and witness the toll that the Congolese military has carried out  against fighters of the Kamuina Nsapu militia, whose insurgency poses the most serious threat to the rule of the current President Joseph Kabila.

The main reason behind this mayhem was Kabila’s decision not to step down when his presidential mandate expired in December. This was followed by a wave of killings and lawlessness across the vast central African nation.

Report: Reuters


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congo mass grave

Horrific: Mass graves found in Congo