No justice for the common man


When seeking justice, every litigant should be allowed to have equal opportunity to plead his case before the Courts and especially in the Supreme Court. In India’s courts, very often it is found that if there is some big shot lawyer pleading for his equally if not more big shot Client, then the Court has a lot of time to listen to him and his team whose size by the way overcrowd an already too small courtroom. The big shot lawyer gets so much valuable time for him to place his case before the Court and the Court also willingly listens to this big shot lawyer even though he might or might not make sense.

During this process, the other litigants are patiently waiting for their turn to come so that they too get the same opportunity as the big shot lawyer gets in placing their case before the Court. However, when their turn finally comes when the big shot lawyer has run out of steam, the Court decides that they have done enough work for the day and they adjourn for the day.

In situations like this, how is the common man supposed to get justice? Whatever happened to equality before law and equal treatment? If you think about it, then it is no wonder that there are more than 32 million cases pending in the Indian High Courts and subordinate courts.


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No justice for the common man