Blurry lines, justice is like a dream these days

justice denied

Ask for justice is like somebody is saying dream on ! The legal system has become playground of rich people. The poor are just trapped in the laws and legal complication and just don’t understand the system and how they will get the relief. The lawyers charge absorbent fee from the clients but since the justice is delayed the ultimate sufferer is the client. The legal system should be swift and simple, so that common man can believe in the system and rely on the credibility that he would get the justice fast and with less cost. The laws are made so complicated that when you try to understand it has no clear projection but leads to multiple interpretations. Hence, all this system of justice is made up of complicated laws and intellectual people, there no place for common man say. Why its so complicated ?


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Pointless world we live in, when things going to change ?

Blurry lines, justice is like a dream these days