Where is the love ?

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Valentines Day is around the corner and a lot of young people will be looking forward to celebrate it with their boyfriends and girlfriends. Its all the better because its a weekend too and there won’t be any need to skip work or worry about getting caught up late at work. You can relax and just think about meeting your loved one anytime of the day or even spend the entire day together if you’re lucky.

But if you are in India, be careful, young people. There are a lot of those moral police people around just waiting to catch you with your girlfriend or boyfriend even if you are doing nothing and just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Its not that the moral police people are “against” love. Of course not. Even they have someone or the other whom they love. Its just that its not according to the “Indian culture” to be out there celebrating something like Valentines Day because it is not only a Western culture and hence bad for young Indians but also public displays of affection like a simple hug or hand-holding is not allowed in the “Indian culture”. Indians “celebrate” love everyday of the year so why should a particular day be set aside to celebrate “love”? No its not done, you know.

Live and let live should be on every person’s mind whether on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Why don’t you just let people be? As long as it is not against the law or if the public displays of affection are completely indecent or obscene, then it is understandable to the extent that there are laws to deal with such things. Do not take the responsibility of law and order in the garb of moral policing to your shoulders. It is not a burden for us mere mortals to take. The police and the justice system is there for such things.


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Where is the love ?