Pointless world we live in, when things going to change ?

how to decide

Today’s education system have become based on merit and only merit. The student scoring good marks depends on the number of factors but it may happen that a intelligent student might score a low marks. The marks of a student should not be the only basis to  judge his or her intellectual capacity. I personally believe that other measures should also be developed to rate a person capability rather than on just a piece of paper i.e. exam result. After all we are humans and we need to carry our race together not dividing it. Just imagine a good intelligent student got low marks for any temporary reason, what impact that would it have in his or her whole life. Specially in India if a person scores less in his or her high school, this burden needs to be carried whole life until he or she reaches her grave. It creates a vacuum between the students eventually leading to group-ism, one who are good at scoring and another who just cant understand what is going on !! do you agree ?


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Pointless world we live in, when things going to change ?