Mind your language: Be yourself

Many a times in India you will see people trying very hard to speak in English especially during large gatherings where there are some eminent persons present. During such situations, even though the mode of communication is the mother tongue or a local vernacular language. In the process of trying too hard, whatever point they may have wanted to make gets lost in translation and it becomes a futile exercise. It is human nature to always try and impress someone whom you see as your superior in terms of knowledge and understanding but sometimes if you try too hard, it becomes meaningless. You would have put your point across in a better way had you used the language you were more comfortable with.

We should not be embarrassed about our inability to speak English. In fact, we should embrace it wholeheartedly and If we look at the Europeans, you would notice that most of them prefer to use their mother tongues as their preferred mode of communication especially on formal occasions.

This is not meant to make fun of those people who have not mastered the English language yet but are in the process of trying to learn the same.


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Mind your language: Be yourself