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Monday, Here I Am, deal with it


Today is Monday and most of us feel out of the world on this day. The sense that tomorrow is Monday gives jitters to many of us. Whether you are students or working people, most of you are saddened by the arrival of Monday.

The fact that it is supposed to be the start of the week should make you feel refreshed and energetic but it gives you just the opposite feelings of being lazy, lethargic and sometimes mood swings too!

Monday blues is common expression to show your anxiety, stress or emotions but truth is that nobody cares what you are feeling on this particular day since everyone is going through the same emotions regarding the day and trying their best to get through the day.

Some people just laugh it away as it is and just accept that it won’t be any good anyway and some become depressed or demotivated because it’s just too much for them to handle.

Specially for the six days working office environment, if a person is hit by the Monday blues, it will spread like an infectious virus and affect other people’s mood, resulting in low productivity.


But enough of tantrums. Lets beat the thing out and here is the list of things to do in order to beat the Monday blues:

  1. Identify your problem – If your job is boring, it is upto you to make it interesting. Find ways to be more creative or even try to something out of the box this day. Believe me its all in your head.     P.S: I hate this line “Out of the Box” 😉
  2. Be ready for Monday – Don’t waste your beautiful Sunday for your Monday. Monday will come anyway so be prepared for it and knock it down before it knocks you down.
  3. Get Dressed to kill – Yeah, it may sound stupid but it works for some people. Going to office? Wear you best dress and it will instantly lift your mood and will make you happy.
  4. Count your blessings – One way to be positive for this day is to count your blessings. It sounds a bit preachy but yes you may not find your work or job interesting but you do have a job whereas there are some people out there who are still searching for job. There are many ways to keep yourself motivated but you need to dive alone, yes it is like that.
  5. Help Someone Today – We are all humans and it is inbuilt that when we share or help other we feel light and good. Try it!
  6. Don’t wait for weekends – Some people wait for the weekends to enjoy but in this way you are killing your 5 days of the week. Make most of your every day. Go for movies, go for coffee, do some window shopping, meet your friends. Steve Jobs said “Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last”; it may sound heavy but if you want to reach the moon, this is the way.

Just for fun and to brighten up your day, here is a short video regarding Monday blues:


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Monday, Here I Am, deal with it