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Nerve wrecking call to break oppression

Look at how many women are hungry to come out of the cocoon of silence and pain that they have been suffering since human civilization. The hunger to bury shame, guilt, and self blame for the suffering they didn’t create or deserve. How lovely is the song that is sung with the deepest longing of the crying soul for freedom from sexual, emotional, physical,verbal violence.

Violence kills the soul of a person and reshapes the entire being of a person. This will be understood by those women who have suffered in their homes, schools, office or road side. At the same time, many women may want to still keep silent to protect the reputation of a family or to keep her kitchen burning or for fear of losing her husband. This women’s march sends out a strong message across the nation to break the cycle of silence, shame, guilt and self blame to enjoy the real women hood.

Women’s silence is the biggest weapon to embolden the oppressors. If the violence oppression has to stop, it is NOW! Shame should be transferred to the oppressors, guilt should haunt the oppressor, stigma should be faced by the oppressor and self blame should move towards the abusers.

Would there have been any difference, if the women march had happened before the US Presidential election? We can’t say but may the women march be a balance march and bring greater good to those who are suffering silently day in and day out. Women by nature are born nurturers and may these women nurture for the common good of every being on earth, so that we all live in dignity, joy and enjoy the real freedom emotionally, economically, politically and socially.

Whether we like it or agree or not, this march definitely will make a big leap for many people in different parts of the world. Hope that it brings positive synergy to all the women around the world.


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Nerve wrecking call to break oppression