No country for single women

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As a woman, when you’re travelling to different places, why is it that people automatically assume that you are married with a husband and kids? The frequent questions that get asked are “So your family (meaning husband and children) are not with you?” or “So what does your husband do?” And when the response is “No I am still not married”, they tend to look down upon you as if you are some kind of a weirdo or give you such pitying looks. Also one of the most annoying words they use to describe a single woman is “spinster.” Isn’t single or unmarried much better words than “spinster?” It makes you feel like you are cranky, ready to fall dead any moment and such other things. Of course, men don’t get asked all these sort of stupid question.

The food for thought for this post is, is it a crime to be a single woman in this country?

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Nanny Dearest

No country for single women