Obsession for fair skin

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One of the biggest things that Indians are concerned about is being “fair skinned”. If you look at most Indians, you will see that they are brown skinned but there are some who are “blessed with fair skin”. Majority of Indian parents want their children to be either fair skinned or marry a person who has fair skin so that they can have fair skinned descendants. The obsession for this fair skin could be due to the British dominance over the country. Because the British who ruled over the country were white or fair skinned, perhaps Indians also feel that they would be a more superior and successful community if they were to be fair skinned.

This concern over being fair skinned could perhaps have ended had it not been for the various advertisements on television promoting fairness creams. The advertisements are pitched in such a way that they show an dark skinned person being rejected for a job offer even though he might have better qualifications while a fair skinned person is accepted with lesser qualifications. Later, someone comes up to the dark skinned person with a fairness cream with a promise of becoming fair in a week or two days or something like that. Then voila, the dark skinned person is now a fair skinned person with so many job offers and people wanting to know the secret of his or her fairness. In the market today, there are a number of cosmetic companies who promote this myth and they even use celebrities to endorse their products so that masses can emulate those celebrities.

Not only the advertisements, but if you look at any matrimonial column in a newspaper in India, there will always be a criterion for “fair skinned bride or fair skinned grooms”.

The after effects of this obsession even lead to people being killed because they are not fair skinned.

The solution for it is that Indians should accept themselves for who they are and not worry about being judged by the colour of their skin. Unless there is an acceptance within themselves, then there will always be a wanting for fair skin. Also advertisements promoting fairness products need to be stopped and if they are not, then heavy penalties should be imposed on the Companies promoting these fairness creams and also newspapers should stop accepting matrimonial advertisements if they have applications seeking fair skinned brides or grooms.


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Obsession for fair skin