Insiders Versus Outsiders

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Self possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better. Oh yes, nobody can deny this; we all suffer from this! You have a bright idea about creating synergies at work and after you share this idea with your superior, he listens to it but doesn’t implement it. On the other hand, someone else comes and tells him about the same idea which of course comes with a price tag and he tells that person “Oh yeah!! this is a great idea. We should do this at our workplace too”. Then he goes ahead and implements it in the workplace and with great happiness parts with the money too. The world we live in is strange and the people in it are even stranger. There are some people who are so dumb to spend money on ideas that others sell but ignore the same thing which is suggested by someone within the organisation and who would implement the same idea for free!! Wouldn’t it be better to encourage people with whom you are part of and work with then outsiders who come with the same idea? Of course it will be better because their own interest is connected. Outsiders will always look for experiments at the cost of the Company but sometimes the Company is destined to be in the hands of …………….. 🙂


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Insiders Versus Outsiders