Peeing in public

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Everyday on the way to work, we see so many men of all ages standing on some wall and urinating away to glory. That is not only unhygienic but also super disgusting to see. It’s always baffling in trying to understand why the civic authorities don’t do anything to stop this nuisance. It’s not enough to build public toilets but there should be enough publicity and awareness for such things. There should be fines or even some type of punishment for those caught doing such acts. The moral police instead of trying and roughing up couples who are minding their own business and banning celebration of Valentines Day etc should look at these men who are polluting the environment and creating a genuine nuisance to the society. If nothing else, maybe the civic authorities should put some sort of live currents in all the open spaces in the city where men urinate so that whoever dares to urinate in these areas get the shock of their lives, literally.

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Peeing in public