Saturday Venom


How do you wake up on Saturdays? Do you wake up after a long and leisurely sleep or due to the sound of the alarm clock and you think “oh &&##@@ another long day at work”? This article is a tribute to all those people who work on Saturdays. Whoever invented working Saturdays probably didn’t know that he or she was depriving people of a valuable human right if you may call that-freedom from work. It feels almost like bonded labour especially when other friends are out there enjoying their weekends. Of course there are some people who just leave the office after half the day is over without any second thoughts. It makes you feel green and red with jealousy and an almost murderous rage against the person making you work on Saturdays.

Do they think that Saturdays are productive? Of course not!! How can they even think that? It is the least productive day of the week because employees are not in a mood to work. They want to go out and get a life which is not happening because of the stupid working Saturday culture.  Their friends and families get angry with them because they have to go to work on Saturdays and Sundays go by so fast that it feels there is no rest at all.  Then comes Monday and it’s back to the same useless grind throughout the week.

So Sunday comes and goes like a whirlwind without any chance of rest and then Monday morning, your alarm tells you it’s time to go to work. You are groggy and sleepy and annoyed because you had no rest and you are back at work. This slowly leads to deterioration of the immune system and you become sick more and more often. Even when you’re sick, you don’t get enough rest so you don’t get better. Instead you end up passing your sickness (if it is a communicable one like the cold) to your other colleagues who also fall sick because even their immunity is low. This will go round and round like a vicious circle without an end unless you take matters into your own hands and look for other opportunities.


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