Selfie, here I come


Technology over the last few years has brought about a revolution. Today with smart phones or tablets or IPads etc almost everyone is connected. Through this advancement of technology, social media has also increased by leaps and bounds. As a result all of us are “keeping in touch” with friends, family, acquaintances etc. Obviously when you have so many contacts in social media, you would want to show the others what you are doing, who you are hanging out with, how you are looking, what you are eating and so the list is endless.

Sometimes, a simple status update on social media will do the trick, other times a picture taken at the right moment. Most of the time, it’s a status update coupled with a photograph which will be posted on major networking sites. Also a photograph could mean anything these days-it could be taken by someone else or as is the recent trend a “selfie” taken with your smart phone.

For the uninitiated into the world of social media and smart phones, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Selfies are on the rise so much so that people everywhere take “selfies” of themselves every five minutes and post it on social media. It has been given so much importance that some studies have said that people who are obsessed with taking selfies suffer from mental illness.

The last few months have seen the rise in accidents and unfortunately even deaths among young people who wanted to take selfies in dangerous positions not knowing that their need for selfies would result in disaster. Do we really want to be so obsessed with taking selfies to the extent of landing up in hospitals? Take a moment and think about it. Do you really need to take that selfie? Do you really need to take a selfie in front of a running train or lean back so much to get the perfect background that you fall into a river and drown? This is not about criticizing those unfortunate souls but more to create awareness among others especially young children and young adults about being careful.We need to learn from the unfortunate mistakes of others so that our loved ones are not put in a position of mourning because of our need for the selfie.


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Selfie, here I come