To share or not to share


As children growing up with siblings, we’ve probably heard this a hundred times from our moms, “share it with your sister” or “share it with your brother.” In fact even in school, we are taught to share things with our friends. So as we grow up, we gradually learn how to share our stuff with people around us.

But there are times when you might feel disgusted to share some of your stuff with people and you know what, you are perfectly right to feel disgusted or uncomfortable about sharing things with others. It could be a good indicator of your “cleanliness” level and of course because there are certain things which we should definitely not share with anyone. You may well ask, why? The answer to that would be, if you value your health, then you have to learn not to share everything with your friends or family.

They might seem harmless but they can put you at risk for serious health problems when shared. And what might those things be that are not to be shared? Here is an example of some of them, which by no means is exhaustive but just to give you an idea of what those things might be:

Toothbrush-Because it could pass on infections from the bristles especially if there is some gum or tooth bleeding

Combs/Hats/Helmets-Could cause lice to transfer if the wearer is infected with lice.

Nail Cutters-Could pass on deadly infections like Hepatitis C if the cuticles are cut or pushed back too far, there could be little cuts around the skin which would be perfect for bacteria, fungus and germs if the instrument has not been sanitised properly between users.

Headsets or earphones- Once inserted into your ears which could probably be filled with ear wax and germs, they could increase the chances of ear infections if you share.

Makeup like lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner etc-Could be shared on a case to case basis but do not share with someone who has some eye infection or cold sore.

Razors-Shaving can lead to tiny cuts which might not be visible to the naked eye and viruses and bacteria left in the razor can quickly enter into the blood causing diseases like Hepatitis B.

Deodorants or anti-prespirants especially roll-ons-Antiperspirants, especially roll-ons do not have germs-killing properties as they only help decrease the amount of perspiration you produce. When you share this roll-on, you can easily transfer germs or yeast or fungi due to its contact with other people’s sweat.

Earrings-It might not draw blood when you first insert it into your ears but if you share it with someone without properly cleaning it, then there is still the possibility of passing on some infection.

Towels-Towels are a breeding ground for germs especially if they are left hanging in a damp bathroom.

So next time someone asks you if they might borrow any of these above items mentioned, you can just tell them “No way, use your own stuff”. If they feel offended, so be it. Your well being is more important than worrying about not sharing your personal items with your friends.


If you have more things that you feel should be added here, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below and we will certainly add it to our list.


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