6 Days Working Culture

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Are organisations which have 6 days working days more profitable than companies which have 5 days working days?  This answer can probably be left to the readers. From this side of the wall, the success of the organisation mostly depends on motivation of employees and how much the person is given a chance to perform and whether he believes in the objects of the organisation etc. Also obviously other factors also come into the play. But the fact of the matter is that employees who are working 6 days in a organisation can finish their work in 5 days but since the organisation’s decision making body thinks that 6 days working bring more work and more profit, they are bound to come in on Saturdays also.

It creates a situation where the efficiency of the employee is being robbed. If we look from an employee’s prospective, he is being robbed one day of the week which he can be used to rejuvenate himself and be with his family , friend or probably doing a community services or even thinking for his organisation and how to bring new ideas and innovation in order to make it grow more. But in reality 48 days in a year of his life is just wasted because of inefficiency of organisation policies and decision. Isn’t it worth giving a thought to these things?


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6 Days Working Culture