Social Media and People


How many of you are into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google groups, Google plus, Whatsapp, Viber etc? The answer to that would of course be almost everyone in the world. Its fun to be part of social media because you get to see what your family and friends are up to at any time of the day. You get “live updates” on the go. Personally speaking, it’s nice to get updates about what your sibling or cousin or friend is doing when you’re living cross country or when you’re in different time zones. It brings a sense of closeness between you. That is perfectly fine.

But what about the guy or girl who sits right next to you at work and you see them everyday at work? What if he or she keeps sending you a friend request on Facebook or follows you on Twitter or sends a request to join his or her professional network on Linked In etc? Don’t you find it a little creepy that they want to follow you everywhere including the world of cyber space? Is it not enough that you sit together at work together and that he or she knows what you are doing most of the time? There is a thin line between being friendly and stalking someone. Don’t you think it’s weird if your colleague keeps sending you all these invites on social media and keeps following you on Facebook, Twitter,Linked In, Whatsapp, Viber Google Plus? Isn’t that a little like stalking?

What is your take on this? Do let us know your thoughts.

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Social Media and People