Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me

Of all the things that can hurt someone the most are words. A person may get beaten up but the physical wounds will heal. But words once said cannot be taken back. The pain that comes from harsh words spoken can last a lifetime and cause a lot of emotional scarring. Because especially to some people lacking in self confidence or wanting approval from a loved one, criticizing them or making fun of them is the worst thing that you will ever do. That is the only thing they will remember their whole lives. Words have a tendency to come back especially the criticisms.

Being at the receiving end of such mockery from morning till the end of the day is pretty traumatic. It can ruin the person’s whole day. It will slowly turn into a habit for you and you may think that it’s just in jest but the other person won’t take it in that same vein. So before you pick up that phone to text something funny about your friend’s appearance or habits or you call up that person and say something harsh or bad to them, think twice about how you would feel if it was you in the other person’s shoes. Would you feel sad or offended at receiving such negative inputs from the starting of the day till the end of the day for days and days to come?

Read the poem below. It’s such a poignant reminder of how much effect words have on people especially the harsh and critical ones:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me.
Stones and sticks break only skin, while words are ghosts that haunt me.
Slant and curved the word-swords fall, it pierces and sticks inside me.
Bats and bricks may ache through bones, but words can mortify me.
Pain from words has left its’ scar, on mind and hear that’s tender.
Cuts and bruises have not healed, it’s words that I remember.

Ruby Redfort


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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me