Talking loud in the office


This is usual phenomena in every office that some people have a habit of talking loud, whether on phone or otherwise. It like person on other end is deaf or what ? I think the person should get visit a ENT doctor as soon as possible or other people may have to visit for their injured ear drums. Anyways this habit is without a  doubt is bad unless somebody is giving a public speech without a mic 🙂 . It not only break the concentration level to do a work plus creates a environment of a fish market. Speaking loud doesn’t mean the person is more powerful or will have more weigh in the conversation. Specially when people are on a phone call sometimes they speak so loud that whole conversation is public and annoy other people, we should understand that even if we speak on a low pitch other person will be able to hear properly. So let vow and spread this word that speaking gently and softly will not only decrease noise pollution plus will make lives others people more bearable.

> It causes interruption
> Mind your language
> Respect other people privacy


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  1. People with loud voices should be trained to speak softly and by staying in one place instead of walking up and down the office disturbing everybody’s concentration.

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Talking loud in the office