Through thick and thin

crazy friends
When people become friends, they do it because they share the same ideas, enjoy each other’s company and like to hangout together. Sometimes it might be that they are totally different from each other but somehow are still very good friends. All that matters is that its a wonderful friendship.

So being friends would mean having endless discussions on random topics, going shopping together in the case of most women or having a cup of coffee together to unwind. It sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it especially if you can relate to it and you have friends with whom you can do those things and more.

But the real test of this friendship comes when some friend falls into hard times like some serious illness or financial hardship or something drastic and needs help or cheering up. If you’re saying you have a very good friendship with the person who’s fallen into hard times not just once but twice or thrice or countless times, and if you as the friend do not take time out from whatever busy schedule you might have; then this is not friendship. This is just a mockery of your so called friendship because real friends tend to stick through thick and thin.

So listen people. If you have people in your lives whom you count as friends, treasure them through the bad times too and not just during the good or great times.


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Through thick and thin