Unsafe Travel


For some people, work includes a lot of travelling to out of town locations sometimes alone, other times with colleagues based that side of town. A lot of things need to be sorted out regarding hotels, conveyance, food etc. Everyone needs a clean place to stay and a comfortable bed to sleep in after a long day of travelling. For some warm water is also a necessity even during summers. You would think its not rocket science to look for a place which meets all these criteria especially if you have someone local accompanying you.

But what if to your horror, the clean and comfortable place that the other person has promised you is your worst nightmare? What happens then? Also what would you do if the other person tells you to adjust because its only for one night?

It may sound far fetched but it could have happened to many others. Learning from such experiences is a must. Next time you go anywhere, make sure you know exactly where you are staying and ask other like minded friends for recommendations or check online for ratings. Be safe and secure when travelling.


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Unsafe Travel