Uninvited Guests


In India, there is a Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” which when translated to English reads as ‘The guest is equivalent to God’. It also implies that our guests need to be treated with care and be given a warm welcome. Of course, nobody would want to drive their guests away even if they want to because then your hospitality would be the topic of discussion for everyone and anyone.

The question then arises, how do you deal with self invited, unwanted guests who land on your doorstep with all their luggage and stay in your house for days and months? Staying for a day or two is fine because you know that they will eventually go back to where they have come from or go somewhere else. But what if they stay for weeks and weeks and just take over your house? They also create havoc with your schedule, they mess up your house, you have no privacy, they cannot deal with any problem that arises, they finish up your groceries but won’t share the expenses and so on. The list is pretty endless. Has anyone ever encountered such problem guests? How does one deal with such kind of people apart from wanting to strangle them or just throw them out of the house, either one of which is a great idea but not feasible.


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Uninvited Guests