The whole world is related to me

related world
So are you wondering what the title means? Are you even a little curious about it? Well, let’s just say that this is about the kind of people who claim that every other person they know is related to them. Doesn’t it get a little boring if everyone in the world is your first cousin or second cousin or even third cousin or some uncle or aunt or goodness knows what else. Get over it!! Nobody wants to hear who you are distantly related to or what your family connections are. Everybody knows you are just saying so to boast that your lineage is as old as time or something like that. Its so boring to hear you talk about “Oh this person?? He is my cousin..the child of my mom’s cousin’s cousin’s cousin’s” or so on and so forth. Forget it man..nobody is interested. They have far better things to do then to listen to you talking about who is related to you and how.


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The whole world is related to me