Chivalry is dead

Youngsters today don’t seem to realise that its good to be chivalrous to others in need especially older people. Many a times, you will see young people sitting on buses, metros or other forms of public transportation who will not give up their seats for an old man or a woman or a man struggling with a child or an old woman with her many bags. A simple gesture by getting up from their seat and offering them the seats won’t do any harm to these youngsters. In fact, they may be setting an example to others around them and rouse their consciences. Even a remark saying, “You seem to be struggling with your load; here let me help you” would be music to anybody’s ears even the most hardened of them all. Unfortunately, in this modern world of independence, feminism and what not, nobody seems to care. Qualities like chivalry, courteousness etc seem to have died.

How did it die? Nobody knows. Maybe because it wasn’t taught from one generation to another or maybe the next generation simply ignored what they were taught since they thought they knew better. Oh how wonderful it would have been to live during those times when a door was pulled open for a person coming inside or a young person stood up to give his seat to a struggling person or stood up to greet his elder or a woman.

Chivalry is so dead, how sad!!


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Chivalry is dead